Jul 112010

Shortly after arriving in Zgierz, I came across these male red veined darters in the garden. Delighted to see them again. The same species were seen here last year but a bit later in the season. Perhaps the hot weather and rain from earlier in the year has “advanced” the season a bit?

Male red veined darter

Another male red veined darter (a bit more mature)

Jul 062010

Just a short walk to a wild area of undergrowth near the airfield today.



Lots of butterflies about. Saw at least 5 species, but the only one that would sit still long enough to get a shot was the tortoiseshell.

Another tortoiseshell

Right at the end, I saw this beastie. I’m reliably informed (thanks Shane) that it’s a 6 spot Burnet – a type of moth.

6 spot Burnet moth

Jul 012010

Went for a walk by the stream yesterday and saw lots of tortoiseshell butterflies, cabbage whites, a couple of species I haven’t identified and several beautiful blue damselflies with dark blue wings. Oh, and a fox. 😎

Went back today with the camera. It was a bit cloudier and windier than yesterday. No fox, no damselflies, but still lots of tortoiseshell, a female cabbage white and a small fly-like insect I’ve never seen before. I also saw two buzzards, but they were too distant to even attempt a shot.


Female Cabbage White

Scorpionfly - female

After I posted the last pic on a forum, someone told me it’s a scorpionfly. Looked it up and it looks right. I am astonished though, that the available shots on the web are mostly of very poor quality, making my shot, with which I was disappointed due to poor depth of field, look quite good.