Nov 042011

A nice little spike in gold

I wrote this little ditty yesterday starting at around the time gold started spiking in the above chart. Hope you find it amusing. If you don’t like the “rude” line, I have provided an alternative so it doesn’t render the whole thing unusable for audiences of a certain type. Enjoy.

An upward spike is what we like,
In the price of gold
For we no longer can believe
The things that we are told.

Official figures are are a sham
Distortions of the fact.
But when you try to show the world
You simply get attacked.

The trouble is the system needs
Eternal growth, its holy grail.
It’s clear this is impossible
So is, I fear, destined to fail

When nations punish all their folk
With financial repression
They think it helps pay off the debt
Avoiding great depression

Well let me tell you, world leaders
Your thinking is unsound.
Whose turn is it for more QE?
Oh yes, of course, the pound!

And then the Euro, dollar next
If Benny gets his way.
Bernanke, somewhat swanky,
Printing greenbacks every day.

Uncle Ben should stick to rice
Instead of printing paper
To pay off trillions in loans
Securitised into vapour.

So what will be the end-game
of these great devaluations?
Confiscation of all wealth
Built up through generations?

It would be nice to think that
We could change our politics.
The truth is though, it can’t be done
They’re all such selfish pricks.*

So buy some gold, while all around,
the system’s self-destructing.
And keep it quiet and far away
From government’s deducting.

© Alex Eames 2011

* Alternative line for certain audiences “We’re really in a fix”