Jan 182010
Shield bug

Shield bug

This is a blog post and I’m interested to see how the software works.

  4 Responses to “Let’s see what this looks like then”

  1. Lovely shield bug..Super cool detail 😀

  2. Thanks Chrissy. That was with on-camera flash I think – before I started messing about with macro flash. Since I got macro flash I haven’t seen an insect. 🙂

  3. This bug reproduces in the walls of my house. I just really want to know what it eats. This is the only picture I can find of it on the internet. I’m guessing it eats dead or alive Japanese beetles and fly larvae since those also come out of this 100+ yr old house. Nonetheless nice capture.

  4. Jumper, they eat the sap from plants and some types eat other insects. So you could well be right.

    “The nymphs and adults have piercing mouthparts which most use to suck sap from plants, although some eat other insects. When they group in large numbers they can become significant pests.”


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