Jul 122010

I woke early and decided to pop over to the lake to see if there would be any interesting insect life. Of course there was an abundance of dragonflies and damselflies. Most of the dragonflies were broad bodied chasers (libellula depressa). I got really close to one and then got home to find all the shots were poor because of a poor background.
Here’s a shot of one that had a reasonable background. As I progress in my macro journey, it seems to me that getting close to the insect and getting a sharp shot is not enough. A good clean, contrasting background helps an enormous amount too. :yes:

Broad bodied chaser, down at the lake

I’ll be going back to the lake to try to get some better shots of the chasers. Probably shoot some video too, as it’s hard to appreciate their amazing flying ability with stills.

Several different types of damselfly also there. This white one let me get pretty close without getting spooked.

Damsel fly (yet to ID)

I like this image because the “joint” in the grass seems to mimic the joints of the segments of the damselfly’s body. 😎

And this pair are doing their bit to ensure the future population of damselflies in the “Malinka” boating lake. I would have liked to have got a bit more straight on this one, but I would have had to wade into the lake to do so. These guys were actually flying around while still coupled at one point. That was pretty amazing to see. 😎

Damselflies mating

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