Apr 022010

Well yesterday we flew to Poland for Easter. All was well when we got here. The wireless internet connection even speaks to our new laptops 😀 The only thing which is a problem is that it seems our ISP – neostrada – is blocking all outgoing email. Bizarre. We’ll have to give them a call later today. All incoming email is working fine. But I’ve tried outgoing email using three of my different servers…

  • Virtual server in the US
  • Dedicated server in the UK
  • The Neostrada system itself

And none of them wants to connect on either of our laptops. Poo. 🙁 But all three work fine for incoming. It gives a timeout error. It was never a problem before. I suspect they’ve changed something. GRRRR. But hurrah for other social media sites. I will not be forced to shut up and rendered unable to communicate with people. (Well I have got a GMX webmail account anyway, for emergencies, but it’s tedious to reply to emails that way as you have to cut and paste the addresses).

…A bit later…

So we called them. They said “No we don’t block anything. It must be on your computer or the servers.”
We replied “Well we’ve tried three different servers including your own on two different computers, so you must have changed, or be blocking something. The servers all worked perfectly from the UK yesterday morning and they used to work over here too, but now they don’t.”

So we eventually prized out of them the fact that they are blocking all outgoing email traffic except that which uses port 587 – the submission port. We were told a way round this, but it didn’t work and was problematic to even get the router working again after that. So all that was really needed was to tick the “use port 587” box in Eudora and then it worked (except on one of my servers where the “use port 587” was inactive).

Simple problem, simple solution, lots of denials and excuses before uncovering it – PATHETIC. All that was needed was a simple admission – “Yes from December 2009 we only accept outgoing email transmissions using port 587, you’ll need to adjust your software accordingly” – and the job would have been done. Instead, I had to waste the morning on it. :teeth: