Apr 222010

I saw my first confirmed speckled wood of the year, and it stayed on our terrace for about 3 hours this afternoon, sheltering from the wind (I assume). I looked out this evening and it was still there. Unmoving. So I picked it up and put it in a tupperware box and took it inside. It played dead for a while, but when left alone for a bit it opened its wings. I moved the box to under the light, got the camera ready, popped up the onboard flash (best I’ve got with me) and selected f/8 and AF. Focussed on the eyes. Click. Just about to take another and the wings bang shut. 😀

Put the box lid back on, box under a towel in the dark for a few minutes. Then got it out again. After a while the wings opened and were quivering. “no need to be scared of me matey” I thought. Clicked one off and then specky had a fly round the room and settled in the main lampshade. Switch that light off and it migrated back down to land on my credit card wallet So the credit card wallet goes back in the box with speccy.

I think the quivering must have been a prelude to flight. I have a feeling this is rather a young butterfly as its wings are in perfect condition.

Speckled Wood

So it stayed in the box overnight and this morning I fed it some sugared water. Could actually hear the sucking/slurping sound. Then I shut the door and opened the box. It flew to the window and when it settled with its wings open I clicked off a few shots.

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