May 162010

Went to butterfly world in St Albans yesterday. Quite a good setup they’ve got there. It’ll be even better when the dome is done. At the moment they have a big greenhouse, which is very warm and humid. My camera lens steamed up to start with. Had to let it warm up a bit and then clean with a lens pen. Perhaps I’m getting fussy, but I wasn’t all that pleased with the results with macro flash. The natural light ones from Zgierz seem to be better. Stupid thing is, I probably could have shot some natural light ones as I had a 55mm macro lens with me too. Didn’t even think to try it. 🙁 I was too busy trying to get greedy amounts of depth of field with the ring flash which I haven’t really used very much. Probably needs some sort of diffuser on it, as it was a bit harsh.

OK, so normal people might think they’re quite good, but I think they could be a lot better. As usual, images can be clicked for a larger version.

Not sure what this one is

Tree Nymph

Blue Morpho

Owl Butterfly

Not IDed yet

not sure about this one either

Spikey Caterpillar

Pond skater

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