Jul 172010

Another early morning trip to the lake this morning, in the hunt for interesting insect life, gleaned three species of butterfly (all beginning with M) I had yet to photograph. I also went in search of damselflies, but will post those tomorrow.

This one I had not noticed before. It’s black and white on the topside and this is the underside. I didn’t get a good enough shot to post of the top side. But there were a few of these round the lake, so I hope to get one in due course. (They are not found in the UK).

Map - Araschnia levana (prorsa)

Next up the marbled white. Classic pose on a thistle flower. The lovely blue background is actually the water of the lake reflecting the sky.

Marbled White - Melanargia galathea

Last up a Meadow brown. Seen loads of these but had trouble getting close enough for a shot. When they’re eating, they’re much more approachable. :yes:

Meadow Brown - Maniola jurtina

Those were my three butterfly selections from today’s crop. I’ll post up the damselfly shots tomorrow.

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